Sutton Timber Management

Sutton Timber Management is a cut -to- length (CTL) operation located in Marion, KY., owned and operated by Justin and Jason Sutton. As a family owned business there were many reasons we choose to operate CTL equipment.

CTL Equipment is safer to operate than traditional, conventional logging operations which utilize skidders and knucklebooms. No person is on the ground at any time during the cutting process, which provides a safer and more controlled environment.

All trees are cut and processed at the stump, then forwarded out to a log truck. Forwarding the wood to the truck instead of dragging the logs to a knuckleboom with a skidder has less impact on the ground and other surrounding timber. Processing the wood at the stump also provides the operator the chance to utilize the whole tree in the woods and produces 15% to 30% more marketable timber than conventional logging operations.

We are always looking to the future, doing our part to improve the quality of your timber. Because we work diligently to manage your timber, you- the landowner- will have better timber to harvest for the future. A common misconception is that cutting timber will make the area unsuitable for wildlife. It is our experience that wildlife benefit through the young growth of vegetation in a well-managed forest, which in turn provides you with abundant wildlife.

We would like the opportunity to speak with you, and welcome any questions you might have about managing your timber. We have cut and managed timber for private landowners, the state of Kentucky as well as the United States Government. Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Justin Sutton- 1-270-871-7537
Jason Sutton- 1-270-994-5473

Thinning is often the most important thing you can do to influence the growth and health of your forest. Proper thinning can reduce overcrowding and relieve tree stress. It can also reduce fire hazards, generate revenue, increase the value of remaining trees and improve habitat conditions for wildlife.

A good timber management program will enhance the wildlife habitat on your land. Forest management provides a diverse habitat for wildlife by integrating biodiversity into strategic forest management practices that promote timber production, soil conservation and air and water quality. A habitat is all components needed or required of the animal to live, survive, and reproduce during his life cycle. Timber Harvests done properly can provide all of the aspects to achieve a good habitat.


The actions we take today determine the future of our forests. Trees and working forests are remarkable resources that, when managed responsibly, can meet a wide range of fundamental needs for people and the planet for generations to come. It is possible to have a continuous cycle that both maximizes value for land owners and ensure that their forests continue to thrive.